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Medicine and Mathematics

This can, probably, be a meticulously suitable premise of physiology which is a quantitative science. Today, mathematics is applied in the every-day life while facilitating health care for people around the world. Statistical graphs of epidemics, success rates of treatments, X-rays and CAT scans are some of the examples where mathematics is applied by all mathematical professionals.
CAT Scans are one of the most advanced ways in which medical veterans bring math into use. A CAT scan is a special kind of x-ray known as a Computerized Axial Tomography Scan. A standard x-ray is capable of providing with a two-dimensional view of a specific part of the body. Further, if a smaller bone is concealed amidst the x-ray machine and the larger bone, it is not possible to view the smaller bone which is like a shadow (Article, 2009).
The process has developed commonly and it is quite difficult to understand the way it has developed into a miracle. CAT scan has the capability of providing an image of what a real segment would look like, however, without any real slicing (Phillips, 1999). ...
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Mathematics is one of the many elementary scientific regulations which are incorporated in biological sciences. As suggested by Leonardo da Vinci, No human investigation can be declared as science unless and until it follows its track by means of mathematical elucidation and representation (Rossiter, 2003)…
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