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A Midsummer Night's Dream

(Shakespeare 147). This comical character has adopted the profession of the weaver, as if in obedience to some divine providence that has accorded a profession to his name. Quince introduces Bottom as; 'Answer as I call you. Nick Bottom, the weaver.' (Act 1, Scene 2).
A part of Shakespeare's methodology while writing on comical characters is to make them as serious as possible. This will accentuate the humor from the comical figure. After assigning the comical name of Bottom to this character, Shakespeare than adds credibility to him by having Quince describe Bottom as a weaver. The immediate image of the alternate definition of a 'bottom' as being a person's posterior is deftly swept aside. Furthermore, Bottom is presented as an intelligent man who gives suggestions to Peter Quince on the procedure to announce the assignment of the actors to their acting roles. (Act 1, Scene 2).
Another aspect of the paradox of comedy is the casting of the play. Bottom is cast as the lover, Pyramus. Bottom professes that he prefers to play a tyrant better than a lover. It is ironic comedy that Bottom does not like the lover's role. Shakespeare intended Bottom to encompass humor when he makes Bottom confess to liking the tyrant's role. ...
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William Shakespeare wrote the comedy, Midsummer Night's Dream. This essay analyzes the comical character, Nick Bottom. The thesis states that Bottom is an allegorical character that parallels the human characters like Hermia's father, Egeus. People like Egeus are paternalistic, unrealistic and appear like fools who are unaware of their stupidities…
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