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Marketing Plan for AUP Coffee - Essay Example

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In France, drinking coffee is a laid-back activity. There aren't many places, except for Paris perhaps, where you can get a coffee "to go" the American way. Usually, in this country, people buy their cup of coffee and linger at the bar, meeting up with friends, chatting with the waiter, or reading some book or perhaps a newspaper…

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Marketing Plan for AUP Coffee

There are no choices of almond, chocolate, hazelnut, etc... However, it is when Starbucks Coffee entered the market in 2004, that the French's "coffee culture" slowly changed from roadside cafs with white porcelain cups, to "on the go" coffee in white plastic cups. Also, small cafs in Paris such as Columbus cafe has introduced the need of coffee in a person's daily routine. It is especially among young people that drinking coffee has become something of a fad, and frequenting cafs is something they fancy.
Although it is the young professionals, and university students who enjoy drinking coffee, quite a number of the older members of the French community too, drinks coffee - however in the more traditional way of having it either black or with milk. AUP Coffee is a newly invented brand of coffee that is aimed at joining the competitive coffee market of France.
It is developed as an instant, processed coffee product. Convenience is very much taken into consideration since everything today is fast-paced and considered "to go". As humans, it is natural for us to try a thing or two that is new. If it's good, we share the thought. If it's bad, we still share the thought - plus a lot of criticism. ...
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