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Organization Structure and Strategies

The mission statement therefore should contain information about what the company intends to do; this communication ensures that the organization achieves the set goals and objectives.
There are various types of organization structures and they include the hierarchy structure, the matrix structure and the hybrid structure. The choice of the organization structure needs to take into consideration some factors which will help the choice of the best organization structure that will help to achieve common objectives and goals in the organization.
The size of the organization will be a factor to consider when choosing the structure to adopt, the size of the organization will be determined by the number of employees, the number of departments and the output levels and number of processes. Appropriate structures adopted in large organizations will help in gaining competitive advantages over rivals because the structure helps to coordinate activities in a more efficient way.
A firm has to consider its function when choosing an appropriate structure, if the organization has various process then it would be advisable for the organization to structure according to the functions of each department.
The structure will also depend on the nature ...
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A mission statement defines what the company intends to do in the future, the vision statement on the other hand states what a company will become in future. A vision statement should show the company's image and how it positions itself in the market, it should be short in order for the organization members to easily remember, studies have shown that company's whose employees tend to understand the vision of the company will have higher returns…
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