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Essay example - Strategic Marketing Analysis

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Marketing in anime collectibles are made highly on the 'what's hot and what's not' idea. This means that marketing strategy must focus on the 7 P's of people (personal relationship with customers), product decision (what should we sell), physical evidence (selling quality products to customers), price decisions (for how much), product distribution (to which countries), promotional decisions (to which customers), and process (fulfilling customer wants)…

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And then the product decisions are made based on popularity. This means that we must consider the brand name before purchasing from a manufacturer. In the collectable business, customers tend to look for the newest and greatest, and so must consider the current popular culture in product decisions. We tend to focus on the high customer base products that are derived from popular anime cartoons, movies and menga comics. Over time, we develop customer's tastes and budgets step by step. We instruct them, and bring them along as far as they want to go. We may have affairs from time to time for one reason or another; but we deliver them true value, and have made repeated Sales of quality products, they'll get back. Customers Development and Customers Retention are super-critical foundation stones at Price decisions are also an important part of marketing strategy. ...
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