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Macroeconomics High School - Essay Example

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Macroeconomics High School

Good thing about children is that it's easier for them to burn what they eat. Meaning, we can afford to feed them with greasy and sugary fast food and yet with proper play and exercise they will be able to burn them. And though schools remove facilities for physical activities, I don't think this should prevent children from exercising. They could run around the block and it would not cost a thing.
Also, you can give the children chores requiring physical activity. This may even address the increasing demand of work time. With the children doing chores, they get exercise and adults have more time to work. It's a win-win situation.
My point is, even though economic indicators tend to favor the occurrence of obesity, non-economic factors can easily counter it. With the right mind set we can go above these economic indicators and prevent obesity.
The subject of Macroeconomics is very broad that even its definition varies from source to source. To my understanding, Economics for me, in general, deals with allocation of limited resources. Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that deals with the national or regional economy as a whole - how the country or city allocates its limited resources. In the contrary, Microeconomics deals with behavior of individuals and how they decide to allocate their limited resources.
In the study of Macroeconomics, we deal with certain indicators and factors. These are the unemployment rates, price indices, national income, among other things. It is with the relationship of these factors that determines how the economy functions.
National income is the estimate of the value of goods and services produced in an economy, for example the US economy. There are many ways to measure national income. It may either be measured as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Product (GNP) among other things.
GDP is the total value of all the goods and services produced within a given country or city at a given period of time. For example, City A produces wheat and corn within its territory. And it also offers laundry service within the city. The GDP is the total value of the wheat, corn and laundry service produced.
This is different from Gross National Product or GNP which includes services produced outside the country but by nationals of said country. In our previous example, let's say City A owns a company that provides communication service in City B. Since the said communications service are not produced within City A, it is not included in City A's GDP. However, because it is owned by City A, although produced outside its borders, it is included in the GNP. Hence, GDP focuses on where the product is produced. While GNP focuses on who produced it, for example it includes products produced by the US within China.
To arrive at GDP, consumption, gross investment, government spending and net exports are added. Consumption refers to the amount that we spend on goods and services that we actually use. This includes for example, the amount spent for food or clothing. Gross investment referred to as whatever is left in production after consumption. In simple terms for example, if a food manufacturer produces 10 boxes of food, 8 are sold and eaten, the 2 boxes remaining represents gross investment. Government spending represents those items which the ...Show more


For me, this article suggests that it's cheaper to become obese than to be healthy. First, healthy foods are more expensive. Second, facilities for physical activities are expensive. And third, healthy foods are timely to prepare thus reducing opportunity cost of parents to earn money.
Author : lilianehaley
Macroeconomics High School Essay essay example
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