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Human resource department is given the sole responsibility of looking at the working of the employees. Former known as human resource management, the personnel management department has become an integral part of any business as business organization takes a more human approach to management of staff…


This paper will look at HSBC Company and evaluate the Human resource management in the company. (Boyd, 2003)
HSBC is one of the companies in the world that are surrounded by a rich history in their development. Since the organization opened its door, it has undergone dramatic changes for all that time to achieve its current status. The organization was founded by a Scottish man Thomas Sunderland who was working in Hong Kong in the 19th century. He was working at Hong Kong Superintendent of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. It grew to become one of the leading local banking facilities in Hong Kong and in other Chinese territories. The organization opened its door to customer in 1865 trading under the name Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.
Since its inception, the company has been able to grow and expand in all part of the world. It has been able to establish a sophisticated network of agencies and branches not only in Asia but also in the other European countries. Therefore the bank is not just a leading banking facility in Asia but it can be ranked as a world leader in banking. HK (Shanghai Baking Corporation, 2000)
As the era of Second World War clocked, the bank was forced to close most of its branches and temporarily it moved it's headquarter to London. ...
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