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Essay example - Strategy as Practice: The Value of Individual Strategic Decisions

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Strategic decision making is an essential element in the success of any organization. Changes in organizations that are meant to improve certain areas are based on strategic decisions. These are carefully planned and discussed among the integral members of the organization.

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More importantly, the success of the implementation is based on the general goals taking little consideration of the individual steps and decisions that have been made towards the achievement of such goals. In such case, the role of managers is not given great importance since what is being considered is the achievement of the objective and not the steps taken in achieving it.
However, there has been a shift in the school of thought regarding strategic decisions in organizations. A new principle has emerged and it has come to be known as strategy as practice. According to the British Academy of Management, "Strategy-as-practice investigates strategy at close range, as it is shaped by multiple actors, their actions and practices, and the strategic consequences these have for the firm." What this means is a shift from a macro perspective to a micro level of analysis wherein the various factors involved in the planning and implementation of strategies are studied and analyzed.
In the subject of strategy as practice, various elements of the strategy are analyzed. In this case, the role of managers and their individual decisions are given more attention and significance. The proponents of strategy as practice have expressed various yet similar views regarding the value of the individual decisions of managers in the successful implementation of the strategy. ...
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