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Cassandra by Christa Wolf

It is at times, more interesting than the novella itself and gives insight into Wolf's life and the events of her journey to Greece.
The most famous story of the Trojan War is the story of Homer's Iliad, when looked at from a male perspective. The test is simple; ask a name of a female in the story and there would be an overwhelming majority talking about Helen. So it's an intriguing fact that Wolf decided to write on a character that was known to a minimal level. McDonald believes, "Wolf is working towards a new kind of text" [269]. Wolf has aimed to create a story which highlights the peril our world is in when succumbing to male domination, by showing how things are when a woman is in the forefront. "Men's claim for absolute knowledge is nothing but rationalized domination" (McDonald 275).
"Through Wolf and Cassandra's story we can observe how the power-structures become male-focused and regulated by men" (Russi 28). Wolf shows exactly what her view is of the world: oppressed women bleating in misery and the men directing the world to inevitable annihilation. "It is men who make rigid categories and hierarchies among these modes of knowing, not women" (McDonald 275).
Wolf's writings are based on what she knows. ...
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Cassandra is a story written by Christa Wolf and is divided into five separate fragments. Cassandra is a female character in the story, shown as the daughter of Priam and a prophet during the Trojan war.
The novella, the first part, portrays the final three days of Cassandra's life…
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