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Teaching children through structured learning experiences has a promise to fulfill for sure and a history of success. Lotto is one of the most popular games when it comes to the development of verbal expression and language. This game can be molded into an enjoyable episode of learning in accordance with the children specific needs.


Another benefit of this game is that it has too much variety to it and once children know how to play it and the teacher knows how to monitor them then there is a long way to go. Another reason for its attractiveness is that it stimulates children verbally and mentally. It keeps evolving at such a pace that children get engrossed in playing it. Teacher can focus on the vocabulary or use of fully grammatically correct sentences. The development of coherent speech at a good rate can be achieved if a teacher keeps incorporating this game in class lessons. It also provides the teacher with an opportunity to assess the language while playing. The only constraint I can see is of arrangement of the material.
The lesson 'What did you wear today' is an excellent example of one to one presentation. Reasoning abilities can build besides building the blocks. Blocks are very helpful and useful to give math and science concepts and many other adjustments are possible with blocks. The hand -eye coordination along with counting and fine motor skills gets developed at a good pace. Sooner or later child will be able to relate the similarities and relationships of objects. ...
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