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Industrial relationships are impoverished in terms of theories that try to explain them. Regardless of the efforts employed by scholars like Brahma Dadscheck to provide an insight on the factors affecting the industrial relations theory, there is still deficiency in explaining the real situation on the ground…


Over the past about twenty years, many nations have experienced a wide spread change and as such, the current theories are not a clear conceptual lens of understanding these changes. Australia has also experienced these changes since 1983.
Industrial relations researchers have been doing a wonderful job in this sector, making critical observation like the transformation that has been experienced over the past 20 years or so. The theories of the Industrial relations are connected to the real world as they attempt to find logic from the natural human social behaviour and help to comprehend the consistent human real life activities (Allan et al 2008). Each human activity is identified in terms of theory, social context, experience and practice. Theories are perceived differently in the real life situation implying that these could be very different circumstances for instance the work of a shop Stewart and a human resource manager. Basically there are five main theories of industrial relations that have been explained by Industrial relations researchers (Allan et al 2008). These theories include Unitary, Conflict, Systems, and social action.
Under this theory, an organization or a firm is v ...
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