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Models of Organized Crime

Thus, respected members of society: policemen or law officers are bribed and coerced into allowing these individuals to follow through with their plans. There are two models that seek to explain the presence of organized crime in society: the bureaucratic/corporate model and the patrimonial/patron-client model (Abadinsky 2003). This essay seeks to understand the reasons and influence these two models play on organized crime.
The bureaucratic model survives on the tandem of efficiency. It is essential for large operations and activities. Thus, the individuals involved in conducting these organized crimes focus on bringing a degree of competence to the system to ensure it functions properly. This system works under Weber's definition of the various elements to an organization (1947). It needs rules, specialized training, division of labor and an authority. Thus the corporate model functions under one leader who is at the top according to the pyramidal system of authority. There is a system of specialized workers who function under this leader. And the authority maintains its power through various laws: vows of silence when communicating with a law officer. Thus, the larger the organization becomes, the more important it becomes to control it through this system of laws and power. ...
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Organized crime is a term used for a transnational group that indulges in running a faction of centralized institutes. The purpose of this activity is to win monetary profit by committing illegal activities. It is a forbidden state of affairs in many countries but the definition employed for it varies from agency to agency…
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