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Literature ReviewEvaluation (Cryptorchidism and Maternal Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy)

Before doing the purpose statement, the authors have briefly discussed the problem of cryptorchidism in that it is a very common genital malformation in males, of which the aetiology is unknown. A brief review of literature on this topic has been done by the authors, and they have clearly indicated the possibility of implications of developmental genetic defects and other fetomaternal factors. Out of this literature review, the authors make a case for such a study in that the prevalence of such a disorder has been connected with parental lifestyle changes and environmental factors. Since normal testicular descent happens in two phases, transabdominal from 8 to 17 gestational weeks and inguinoscrotal from 26 to 35 weeks of gestation. Therefore, the authors argue that the physical, chemical, and biological, and endocrinologic stimuli for descent of testes lie in the fetus and the mother. The literature review assumes great importance here, since to hypothesize the research question, the authors have done a thorough search of relevant literature. The authors connect maternal alcohol consumption as a probably cause for this. ...
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Summarized Review of the Article: In this paper by Damgaard, I.N. et al. published in Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 115, Number 2, 2007, the authors examine the association of parental alcohol exposure and its adverse effects on the fetus. The article concentrates on the investigation of association of maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the incidence of undescended testes in the newborn babies…
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