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Personal Statement example - Race and Community

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Personal Statement
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The United States of America; the name says it all. It is a collective effort of people belonging to different states to amalgamate into one for a common cause, the betterment of their society. The country has seen different eras in which different people have inhabited the mainland…

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Racism in the United States of America, in my opinion, is not something that should surprise anybody. It is not because of any kind of ignorance of the government, it is because of the wide variety of people who inhabit this side of the world. When collection of this kind of variety is brought into a conflict, they are bound to form schemas and mental shortcuts that end up depicting in racial attitude towards certain race and community. Racism against many communities such as the African Americans was first evident in the political and law making bodies previously before the human rights associations intervened. It is now condemned on all levels; however, still practiced on many.
Over the years, events have occurred, that have helped fuel the fury of racism in the minds and hearts of people all around the world. The situation is not different in the United States which boasts a sound political and culturally balanced system; a country that welcomes everybody. Since the acts of terrorism have been successful in creating a sense of terror in everybody around the world, the acts portraying racism against certain classes have aggravated.
I, being a Muslim, can relate to the feeling of differentiation along the social and ethnic lines. Proud to be an American, I have also faced various racial interactions over my life. ...
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