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Lab Report: Nutritional Growth of Bacteria

These are bacteria's, they are one of the major groups of microorganisms together with the viruses, fungi, protozoa and algae.
To go on through this activity, materials are first was settled together with the medias and the counting performance and the methods to be done. The results were constructed in a summarized manner and are constructed with a form of graphical presentation and curves. Data gathered are correlated in a logical manner for generating a verified conclusion.
Bacteria as a microbe live in most of the world's habitats and are indispensable for normal balance life on earth. Bacterias so like as the other group of microorganism needs to live and require an environment suited to their needs for growth.
Bacteria's are unicellular and are lacking chlorophyll though they are plant-like. Different species of bacteria have different food requirements, which the environment must provide in terms of their nutritional needs. Since the bacterial nutrition is defined as the determination of the types and amounts of chemicals required for optimal growth of microorganism like
carbon for the heterotrophic; these are the bacteria which comprises the great majority of species, they must obtain their carbon and nitrogen from more or less complex organic co ...
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This study focused on detecting and observing the bacterial growth by supplying and providing it the nutrients needed to grow its colony. At the end of this study, the facts that deal with the role of various nutrients in the bacterial growth were presented for analysis and discussion…
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