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Article example - Variability of Blood Glucose Concentration and Short-term Mortality in Critically Ill Patients

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The scope of this paper is to provide a summary review of a published study which sought to determine the relationship, if any, between decreasing the mean blood glucose concentration of patients in critical care settings and the reduction in mortality and morbidity rates (Egi, et al., 2006, p…

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244). They conclude their introduction with the hypothesis that the SD of blood glucose concentration, when studied in a group of critically ill patients, will be a reliable and independent predictor of mortality.
In describing their materials and methods, the researchers note that they are using a multi-center, retrospective observational study; the data collection for which was part of a pre-existing quality assurance activity approved by local institutional ethics committees. The research was focused upon four hospitals and controls established to include population data from all patients admitted to the intensive care units from January 2000 to October 2004. The timeframes were constructed specifically to ensure the collection of complete blood glucose data and patient characteristics. The authors proceed to note very specific controls regarding data integrity and collection methods. It should be noted that only two of the hospitals in the study collected prospective information to allow the researchers to identify diabetic patients; an important determiner in blood glucose management in general and critically-ill patient mortality specifically. ...
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