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PR Activity & Promotional Assessment

Marketing guru Philip Kotler also has developed several pages in his bestseller "Marketing Management" to the centrality of customer in affecting brand-building/ PR exercise. Thus, any definition of PR has to come from a customer point-of-view itself.
No major organisation of today, can survive without at least a few members of their team, dedicated to launching PR initiatives in order to give the organisation, a certain recognition in the area where it wants its influence to spread, or to be maintained. The purpose and scope of PR can be applied to a multitude of organisations; Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, gives an all-inclusive list in this way (webpage on PR):
3. NGO's such as schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc. use PR as a means to draw awareness to their cause, and appeal to the heartstrings of charitable people in order to establish funds.
4. Politicians use PR exercises, in order to extract votes, or to push new measures. ...
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In today's age of globalisation, "corporate communication, is no longer just a luxury, but a necessity" (Henslowe 4). Philip Henslowe's guide on PR systematically evaluates the profession as an inalienable product of the basic human need to communicate in order to showcase presentable appearances (2-3)…
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