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Job Interview for Morrisons Company - Essay Example

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The hiring and keeping of valuable employees starts with the job interview, and therefore, it is very important that it is done right. If the interviewer asks the right questions, it is more likely that the right interviewee will be chosen for the job (Allbusiness…

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Job Interview for Morrisons Company

These open-ended questions will develop the interviewer's understanding of the interviewee's strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the duties and responsibilities that the job requires. These questions also give insight in the interviewee's work experience, elicit opinions from them and give some indication of their suitability for the job (Department of Civil Service, 2008).
The structure of the interview can follow a six-point format. Firstly, introduce yourself and greet the interviewee with a smile. Secondly, go through their application form and C.V. with them and ask them to provide more details on his/her previous job responsibilities, duties and projects they may have completed. Their responses will imply what they find interesting or challenging, how suitable they are for the job and how good their communication skills are. Thirdly, give the interviewee the job description verbally and summarize the main duties and responsibilities. Fourthly, to gain as much information that is feasible as to the interviewee's suitability for the job, encourage expansive responses with open-ended questions, such as those suggested below. ...
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