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Ben and Jerrys Remarkable Success

We have a progressive, nonpartisan social mission that seeks to meet human needs and eliminate justices in or local, national and international communities by integrating these concerns into our day to day business activities. Our focus is on family and children, the environment and sustainable agriculture on family farms
Employees enjoy working at Ben and Jerry's and the company maintains a low turnover. The company states that they have a deep respect for human beings inside and outside the plant. According to the Employee Job Satisfaction Model revised by Richard Scholl, job satisfaction is the employee response to the organization. The company ability to meet the expectations of employees determines job performance. The Affective component of the model reflects the way employees feel about being a part of that work force. Ben and Jerry's has succeeded in producing positive attitudes in many ways, including making working for them fun.
In 1987 when increased demand put pressure on employees, Ben and Jerry's created a committee called The Joy Gang. The group plans events throughout the year for holidays, birthdays, parties and secret events to surprise employees. ...
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In 1977, Ben Greenfield and Jerry Cohen began a small ice cream business in a converted gas station in Vermont. In spite of the fact that they sell a product full of fat and sugar in an health conscious age where focus is on a trim waistline, by 1990 Ben and Jerry's had over 70 million dollars in sales and happy employees (Sikula, 1996) The company has accomplished this feat by focusing on a three part mission-product, economic and social.
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