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Essay example - primary research

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The research study is being carried out to have a general idea about the HR policies being adopted by the companies and how such policies affect the workforce of the company. For this study, an effort is being made to analyse Primark, a renowned supermarket chain…

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Though de Vaus (2002) distinguishes between a survey and questionnaire, but at the same time it is also emphasized by him that quite often questionnaire happens to be a part of the survey. Direction of the research is set depending upon how the data is analysed.
To facilitate the results of this survey and ensure its usefulness to the researchers, the study aims at producing valid and reliable data. To this end, all answers will be listed; this includes those answers that were duplicated by multiple respondents. The tables will be formatted and designed to be read easily--ensuring that the information will be interpreted accurately. Vague answers with multiple possible interpretations will be further clarified to reduce the chances of misinterpretation.
Simple frequency tables will be used to help draw out and sort the information gathered from the returned questionnaires. The number of responses reflecting each possible answer and the number of unique responses will be indicated on the accompanying tables. These findings will then be pulled together into a report format with preliminary notes and comments used to explain the presented information in detail.
The research questionnaire is prepared to gain knowledge of the current HR scenario, acceptance level of such policies, working attitudes as well as practices that came in close relation with the effective management of companies. ...
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