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Essay example - Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education

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Multiculturalism is a belief system that champions the idea of welcoming and allowing the existence of different cultural groups within a race or society. This is a principle that has been highly contested. This ideology comes with different issues such as nationalism, citizenship and identity and is hounded by the problems of racism, discrimination, cultural diversity.

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A common issue that arises is the problem of stereotyping. People have preconceived notions about certain groups of people which often result in conflicts. These preconceived notions are most often based on stories that have been handed down from generation to generation, blindly trusting in the words spoken without finding out the reality them.
To prevent problems regarding race from getting worse, proper education is needed. More than putting forward a sense of belongingness, citizenship offers a person or a citizen more than just his rightful place in this world. Along with a person's citizenship come a set of rights he is entitled to such as the right to vote, the right to acquire property and so on. With these rights also come a set of responsibilities, among which are obeying laws set by the government. (Family Guardian Fellowship n.d.). However, this is not enough. Citizens should be taught to acknowledge the existence of distinct cultural groups within the race. With this will come a better understanding other groups and their role in society which will lead to better interactions among groups.
Bernard Crick has this to say with regard to educating the public about citizenship, "Citizenship is more than a subject. ...
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