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Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima - Essay Example

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Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima

A little more than half a minute after its release, Little Boy exploded 1900 feet above the city. Though the Enola Gay was eleven and a half miles away it was shaken by the blast.
Earlier that morning an air raid was called off, and everything was calm. A few hours into the morning, half the city was active and many dead. People who were nearest to the explosion died on the spot and their bodies had turned to black char. Even bird in the sir had blast into flames. Explosive materials like paper caught fire even as far as 6400 feet above the ground. People who survived the blast describe it as a blinding light followed by a wave of heat. The blast wave threw people outdoors off their feet. People who were indoors were safe from the flash burns but the flying glass from windows injured people indoors. Almost all structures except for a few very strong ones collapsed. In just a few minutes, nine out of ten people close to the detonation point were dead.
People who were a little away from the detonation point first experienced the flash and heat, and a few seconds later a loud noise was accompanied by a blast wave. Almost all buildings within a mile of the blast had collapsed, and almost all structures within a three mile range were damaged. ...
Even people miles away from ground zero instantly reacted in a way that they had been hit by a bomb. Small rescue teams soon began to operate, however half of Hiroshima's population was either dead or injured. In areas which were worst hit almost everyone suffered serious injuries.
Soon a large fire storm erupted which was caused due to the merging of several other small fires around the city. This firestorm ultimately covered about four and a half square miles of the city, killing almost everyone who was injured and could not escape the first few minutes of the blast. "Injuries from the blast, and from splintered glass and falling debris, occurred throughout the city and beyond" (Lifton 20).
Relief and rescue teams from outside came in very slowly as the Government of Japan did not even know what had happened for sure even hours after the attack. All telegraph and radio communication from Hiroshima had suddenly come to a halt from 8:16 am, which was immediately after the explosion. The government received only some vague reports of a bomb blast; however they were sure that no large scale air raid took place over Hiroshima. Finally, a staff officer was sent by plane to survey the city. While he was still almost hundred miles away from the city he began sending in report of a large cloud of smoke that was hanging over Hiroshima. The Japanese government received its first confirmation of the bombing only sixteen hours after the blast, when the United States had announced it.
Eventually, relief workers were sent into the city and the situation was brought into control to some extent. On 7th August electricity was re-established in undamaged areas of the city, limited rail services were also resumed the next day. A number of days after the blast doctors ...Show more


The early hours of 6th August 1945 turned out to be one of the most frightful for the people of Hiroshima. Enola Gay, the B-29 American bomber took off from the Island of Tinian and headed towards the city of Hiroshima in Japan. The United States of America had planned to drop of the first ever atomic bomb on Hiroshima…
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Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima essay example
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