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Compare and contrast two short stories - Book Report/Review Example

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Compare and contrast two short stories

Both writers also give a violent depiction of the situation of women in a patriarchal set-up. O'Connor writes: "The Misfit sprang back as if a snake had bitten him and shot her three times through the chest. Then he put his gun down on the ground and took off his glasses and began to clean them."
Oates writes: ""Yes, I'm your lover. You don't know what that is but you will," he said. "I know that too. I know all about you. But look: it's real nice and you couldn't ask for nobody better than me, or more polite."
In contrast, both writers have different writing styles. O'Connor emphasizes love in the midst of heavy violence and even of death. O'Connor writes about grace even in the face of violence and death. Her writing depicts a hopeful theme.
In contrast, Oates' work places emphasis on the way it is conveyed. Her writing is set in a cinematic structure as shown in specific textual devices as fragmentary narrative, flash-backs, and freeze-frames that are based on the characters' fantasies. Oates is into technical perfection of her works. Oates is well-known for her artful presentation of the novel. She is able to show the nature of man's great strength and the negative consequences of his transgression.
Another point of difference is that Oates is known for his emphasis on symbolic transcendence. She states that an individual usually wants to be part of the collective. However, the writer prefers to be unique by contemplating and analyzing things. The writing styles of both writers are different. They make use of their individual styles in order to put a heavy emphasis on their messages which they want to convey.
Human difficulties and deprivation set Flannery O'Connor's writings and directs his narratives. In her work, "A Good Man is Hard to Find", the readers see a glimpse of the tenderness of spirit given the harsh setting she has depicted. There is a clear reference of the abandonment to love. In this discourse, love becomes very personal and well-specified. In this story, the reader finds that love enables one to deal with the horrifying events of one's life.
In O'Connor's writings, the stirring impact of love is seen in the small fidelities of everyday life. In O'Connor's story, love was shown by the mother to her children. The grandmother also showed her love by encouraging everyone in the family to go out for a ride. In this story, one can see that the basic impact of love is compunction. This compunction brings serenity and rest that consoles. The burden of grief paves way to the joy of enlightenment about life.
In this story, O"Connor deals with human culpability particularly the weakness of the character named Misfit and his two younger companions who carried guns. In her writings, one can detect the sight of inner wretchedness which comes before one can experience love. This story also evokes the real possibility of knowing how to be good. This story was meant to wake up the residents of the South regarding their pretense to virtue.
Repetition in O'Connor's writings aim to refine the meaning of the words. The grandmother kept telling Misfit to pray to Jesus for conversion since she regards him as one of his children. O'Connor gives several ...Show more


Joyce Carol Oates and Flanery O"Connor share some deep similarities. First, both writers show an excellent degree of talent of an uncanny depth and power. Second, these writers have a talent for describing human frailties in their respective individual characters and they also have an eye for details…
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Compare and contrast two short stories essay example
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