Increasing technology and its impact on children

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Technology is increasing in our midst as man tries to simplify work and even play through the use of technology. Technology includes those which man uses to communicate and reach out to the world including computers and cell phones. With these are MP3 players and iPods which are more sonic and on the entertainment side, and the earlier media which is television…


When quantified, however, technology benefits seem to surpass supposed destructive effects on children's development - with some caution on use. For example, immediately following are reports from research detailing negative effects on children, after which the positives follow.
Television. A cross-sectional research has suggested that television viewing may be linked with decreased attention spans in children. (Christakis, Zimmerman, DiGiuseppe, &McCarty, 2004). The harder it is for the child to pay attention later in life then, the more TV viewing he or she is exposed to. Christakis et al. (2004) found that children, age one, watch television an average of 2.2 hours a day, and children, age three, watch 3.6 hours a day or about 20 to 30 percent of their waking hours. With such considerable exposure, their parents' reports are said to register that these children were more easily distractible and had shorter attention spans than others.
Computers. As for computers, they were found to pose danger to children, including occasional stress injuries, eyestrain, obesity, social isolation, and long-term damage to physical, emotional, or intellectual development (Behrman, 2000). ...
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