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Successful Marketing

Whatever, Anything, a local Singaporean beverages product manufactured by Out of the Box Pte., has successfully met the challenges of the prospect of intense competition and has successfully penetrated into this seemingly closed market.
Even though the market situation, as outlined above, communicates the impression of the beverages' market as a closed one, this is not entirely true. The key is marketing. Maoz and Tybout (2002) contend that a well-design marketing campaign is based on the accurate identification of the product's most likely consumer segment and speaks to potential consumers in their language, addressing their needs and even personality traits/quirks, A marketing campaign which subscribes to the principles of advertising and communication excellence will facilitate a new form/product's successful entry into an otherwise closed and highly competitive market.
But what is excellence in marketing, communications and advertising According to Hastings and Saren (2003), the theory of excellence in marketing is predicated on the principles of social marketing and interpersonal communication or, at least, the impression of it. ...
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The food and beverages market is an intensely competitive one and over the past few decades, few have successfully penetrated this market. The beverages market is dominated by a handful of multinational corporations, each of which produces an incredibly wide range of beverages to suit a variety of tastes…
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