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Gender Differences

The preparation and the aftermath of any of the above mentioned occurrences requires special planning and assistance. The research will show that due to our "classic conditioning", we are systematically excluding a segment of our population from participating in an all important undertaking. The literature will use the educational system to show how we view gender, and how this time honored perception skews the method and attitude of instruction and attention, in fostering a mere tolerance, and not an equal commitment to the presence of girls in the classroom. The fact that gender differences in the classroom is not viewed as a significant entity, is stunting the growth and denying the full potential of a majority of the school age population. Additionally, the literature will also address the gap and the absence of ethnic gender diversity considerations in the educational system. The system addresses this matter as if the low income minority female is present in the classroom, only to bide her time, until something else comes along. She receives little credit for her achievements and given only casual acknowledgment for her efforts. The literature sets out to highlight the existence of gender differences and whether the
presence of these differences is fertile ground for bias. And whether the bias results in a disadvantage for any of the groups affected. ...
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