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Essay example - Brand Equity (Case Study)

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Brand equity is closely related to brand imagery, and brand names are often chosen to help elicit a desired product image. The case of the Crush brand suggests that the sources of brand equity are positive perception of the product as healthy, long selling history of the product and new image of the product…

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Sensory impressions result in consumers' attributing distinct personality characteristics to retail units. Some stores reflect the bargain basement, discount atmosphere, whereas others reflect an atmosphere of elegance, luxury, affluence, and sophistication (Aaker, 2001). The product image stems from such diverse factors as advertisements, sales personnel, merchandise, services, pricing strategies, physical plant, and layout (Keller, 2003). Research findings seem to indicate that consumers choose to shop at stores and purchase brands consistent with their own personalities.
The current sources of brand equity are brand awareness (based on brand recall) and unique brand image. The main weakness of Crush is that: "it spent less on advertising. It was promoted most frequently on sport television, in newspapers, and on outdoor signage" (Case Study p. 324). Still, the consumer's interest lies in this unique self-image of the product - the image the Crush has and would like to promote. There are four perceptions related to the concept of self -- the person as he actually is, as he thinks he is, as others think he is, and as he thinks others think he is. In understanding buyer behaviour, the most important perception is the image of what is -- the image of reality -- rather than what actually is. ...
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