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Eaton Canyon Nature Center in California Pasadena

Fascinating displays, live animals, offices, classrooms, an auditorium, restrooms, and an information desk/gift shop at the entrance Tourists can purchase shirts, hats, post cards, rock samples, books, hand and finger puppets, hummingbird feeders, and much more. The Mt. Wilson Toll Road and a bridge across the canyon were built for hikers and bicyclists. There are horse stables at the base of the
Eaton Canyon Natural Area Nature Center, Natural Park is like a spectrum of lush green foliage through which cuts the gurgling Eaton Canyon Stream located at the base of Mt. Wilson. Although Mount Wilson is over 5,700 feet high, there is a large group of mountain peaks, which rise to more than 9,000 feet, including Mount Baldy and Mount Baden-Powell. The beautiful San Gabriel Mountains are having are having a rugged steep slopes, ridges and deep canyons. There are five miles of nature trails, an equestrian trail, creeks and a waterfall. Some of the rock types found at this place has been dated at well over two billion years old.
Thanks to Kate Lain for her research a lot of history is known now about the place. ...
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Life might or mightn't have begun in garden, but is certainly incomplete without it. For tourists Eaton Canon is one of the few places left in the Los Angeles area where you can walk amongst the trees and enjoy the true mother nature Eaton Canyon is a 190-acre zoological, botanical, and geological wonderland, located at 1750 North Altadena Drive, one block north of New York Drive in Pasadena, California…
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