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The American Healthcare System

This is due to the fact that of all the developed countries in the world, the United States does not have Universal Health Care program for its citizen (Battista and McCabe).
Instead of obtaining benefits from funds coming from mandatory taxes for health care purposes, US labor force receives health coverage from employer sponsored means. According to Alliance for Health Reform, in 2005, 159.5 million non-elderly US workers and their dependents were under workplace health coverage. Other means of coverage provides healthcare for the rest of 63.3 Americans (7).
The issue on workplace coverage is its escalating cost. Employer-based health insurance premiums rose by 7.7 percent in 2006. Small employers witness an increase of, on average, 8.8 percent on their premiums. Enterprises having less than 24 workers experienced an increase of 10.5 percent (National Coalition on Health Care).
In a country spending 16% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care (2005 figures) and continuing increase in health care premium cost while, concurrently ranking poorly on vital health statistics, such as infant mortality, life expectancy for women, life expectancy for men, in immunizations, among others, there is a clear evidence of ineffectiveness and inefficiency on health care coverage in the most powerful nation in the world (Battista and McCabe).
Looking at it in a broader perspective, the Uni ...
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A healthcare system that will address the needs of all American citizens is needed especially in these times when the cost of health care is skyrocketing. Fixing the current system without solving the root problem is not a key for a long-term solution to the persistent problems.
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