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Hank Morgan

He brought the sixth century civilization to the 20th century level in the course of a few years. When the king and the Boss were sold as slaves and were about to be executed, it was a long and picturesque of 500 mailed and belted knights on bicycles that came to the rescue. Finally when the church and the knights were out to destroy the new civilization, the strategy employed was to build a wire fence around, charged with electricity. A knight would come and touch the wire with his sword and he would be dead at once apparently for no reason. Some one else would come and touch his shoulder to ask why he was silent, and he would be killed too! Killed by a dead friend in fact! 25000 brainless knights perished like this, and the Boss and his handful of smart boys won owing to their strategy.
David Wilson also had a scientific bent of mind, though of a different kind. He was a scotch national in America to seek his fortunes. He came as a young post graduate in law, though he did not handle cases in courts. It was he who developed the science of finger prints, that wonderful science for the establishment of people's identity. ...
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Body: Hank Morgan can be said to be the most important figure in King Arthur's court. Arthur was king only in name and Hank (as the Boss) was actually running the administration. He was the son of a blacksmith, and was practicing this trade initially. But it was in the Arms factory that he found his real trade and attained his full stature…
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