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The comprehensive management training program of NL&C

TIMETABLE - a reasonable time period is important to be included in the management training program to check and evaluate status of the set programs and make the appropriate changes if necessary in order to meet the objectives.
ORIENTATION - it is important to consider having a comprehensive orientation to all concerns to ensure its effectiveness. It is necessary to consider the availability of each person as well as the venue, date and time for the said meeting.
DEVIATION FROM THE SET PROGRAM - It is important to consider that not all set programs work according to our expectations. It is best to anticipate for possible changes that can have significant effect in the training program and have a prepared countermeasure for these.
SUGGESTIONS/COMMENTS FROM INVOLVED PERSONNEL - The said program will not be final unless there is confirmation from all the involved personnel. Consider the reactions, suggestions and comments of each personnel and be able to come up with a mutual decision for all.
MANAGING MANAGEMENT TRAINING RESULTS - Various factors can affect in achieving the set training objective. ...
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OBJECTIVE - it states the primary reason for establishing and implementing the training program. This shall sufficiently answer the following questions, what needs to be achieved, how to achieve it, and who will achieve it.
ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITY - refers to duties and functions of each person, from top management to staff that will form part in meeting the set objectives of the management training program, taking into account the competency of each personnel.
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