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Dining out is a fad of recent times and people are doing it for several reasons. Busy people dine out because of the pressures of time to prepare their own foods as more time is spent to earn. Others do it for passion's sake as dining commonly is part of dating and family outing…

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Research methods employ several ways in the data collection process, and data can be classified as qualitative or quantitative. In data collection measurement of the responses by assigning numerical values to be used for data analysis is an important aspect. Scaling methods in measurement can be classified into nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio..
Nominal data can be figures just meant to represent a particular response. A questionnaire using multiple choice items can be a nominal data. In this type of response choice A can have no direct relation to choice B, etc. Ordinal scales or ranking scales are values arranged according to levels in increasing order such as great, greater, and greatest. Responses have direct relationships among each other. Interval measurement uses responses arranged in equal intervals such that if response A is 1 unit lower that B then response C must be one unit higher than B, etc. A ratio is an interval data but a measure of two values. These data classification although widely used and accepted have faced several criticism as to its validity (Velleman & Wilkinson, 1993).
In studies involving surveys the most common approach is obtaining responses using a list of possible replies or rating an idea through a given scale. ...
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