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Zeus. The Statue Of Zeus.

Significantly, the statue of Zeus illustrates several of the fundamental aspects of the Greek culture and religion, apart from being an indispensable epitome of Greek works of art. As the appearance of the statue has been imposing, impressive, and awe-inspiring, the spectator is attracted by the beauty and splendor of this art piece, and it also reveals the whole grandeur of the great culture and civilization of Greece. According to Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder, and this statue very well illustrates the magnificence and power of the king of the gods. In the statue, Zeus is represented as a highly powerful and brawny man stretching his hands like the wings of an eagle, a symbol of this Greek god. "Zeus, king of the Greek gods, master of lightening, smiter of those who offend him, god of the sky who rules on Mt Olympus father of men and of gods, he sees all, plans all. ...
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A work of art concerning ancient civilizations and classical ages has an essential role in revealing the fundamental elements, beliefs, rituals etc of the prehistoric periods such as the ancient civilizations Egypt and the Near East, the Aegean cultures of Crete and Mycenae…
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