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Terrorism and its Effects

'Terrorism' has been referred to as 'Extremism' a gazillion times and perhaps that definition given to it can be considered because it defines the mindset behind it and the reasons why it is employed. Human life is of no value under the mindset of an individual who has been brainwashed with such intensity that he is convinced to relinquish his own life along with others. Carnage can never be the best vengeance or perhaps a way to prove the dignity of any religion because every religion promotes peace and conservation of Human life in the best way possible. Sometimes it's even hard to make out what this concept holds for us in reality besides bloodshed and fear; nevertheless what's worth looking into is the motive of these people who become a part of this horrid world (Linden, 2006).
Terrorism in the most apparent manner has taken place globally in the form of Bomb blasts, which are also categorized into many forms such as suicide bombing and planted bombs with detonators which gives the terrorists an open opportunity to press the button to immense carnage bearing in mind the right time and place while having a particular target. ...
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In this day and age, with the presence of such modernity and hassle-free technology to think that Human life may not be secure for many would rather be considered as immensely ironic and foolish. However, this mindset altered itself on September 11th, 2001 when a conspired attack on the United States of America shook the whole world and an awareness of the notion "Terrorism' finally barged right into people's lives as the biggest threat to Human life…
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