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The Movement of people Migration

(Cohen 1997)
Though the African contribution to America's exponential explosion of multiculturalism may be little known, the recent expansion of social variety in America is widely acknowledged. The United States and New York City are the principal destinations of recent documented and undocumented African immigrants.
As far as new groups of recent immigrants have settled communities, many urban, suburban, and even rural areas have become "unexpectedly" varied and diverse. The appearance of differences has undermined the myth about American "melting pot". It has made, for some Americans, the specter of new immigration a bitter political issue of national scope. It was also obvious that the new immigration has raised much political debate in local contexts. (Global diasporas: An introduction 1997)
Attracted by the global lights of the United States of America, many African immigrants came to New York in order not to settle, but to earn as much money as possible. And then they were going to return home. And, of course, they faced a great number of problems. After arrival they soon pointed out that their bad English, limited technological knowledge, and shadowy immigration status made working in the sphere of economy practically impossible. ...
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Africans were allowed to enter the United States between 1982 and 1994 as refugees; the majority (around 68 percent) was Ethiopians and Eritreans. In the first ten years, from 1980 to 1991, Ethiopians and Eritreans constituted the overwhelming majority of African refugees in the United States…
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