Relationship Developed Between Human and Nature in Ben Jonson and Aemilia Lanyer.

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In seventeenth-century England, the patronage system that supported poets led to the birth of a new genre of poetry, short-lived at the time, but definitely the center of a lot of critical attention today: the country-house poetry.


Current critical opinion now credits Aemilia Lanyer with the first country-house poem printed in England, "The Description of Cooke-ham", which preceded the almost canonical "To Penshurst"by Ben Jonson. It would be my effort to study the treatment of nature in the country-house poems by using these two particular examples, and to establish the nature of the relationship that has been depicted between the human and natural world in the each of these poem's individual universe.

The comparison between the two country-house poems is intriguing not the least because when we see the body of critical literature dedicated to the two poets, writing about Lanyer is conspicuous by its absence, whereas much ink has been spilt over Jonson's "To Penshurst". Another interesting fact is the striking similarity of some of the parts of both. ...
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