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Bamboozled and Jungle Fever - Movie Review Example

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Bamboozled and Jungle Fever

It features Mantan, the tap dancer, and the rest of black people with odd activities that are being aired on TV. To Delacroix horror, the show became hugely successful, and his boss even praises the show and grants him a prominent status.
The movie shows the disadvantages of being black in the media industry. They are challenged by their superiors, mostly white people, to bring out their best in their profession. They have to produce something that deserves their profession otherwise they much pressured.
The theme of this movie is about the status of black people in the media, among other industries. Black people can only have two places according to the movie, either on the top position, or the one as a figure of ridicule as sort of entertainment. Professionalism issue was also tackled in this movie. True to the circumstances of the blacks, the upcoming minority struggling to better his circumstances, is shown as not knowing very well what to do when opportunities come to better oneself. Perhaps society has to answer for this one, for the many years of discriminating colored people.
Racism is a myth of believing that a certain race is superior to the others and that the development of personality is based on the geographical root and shaped by its culture (Anti-Defamation League, 2001). Just to prove that stereotyping is wrong, black people today have to prove to be very talented in many aspects. They can even excel and surpass the skills of the white Caucasians, if not making it equal to them.
Bamboozled seems to want to teach the world about the shameful history of the minstrel shows and begs for educated eyes to look at things differently now. It is a seeming response to race films that have as target audience the primarily poor southern blacks and southerners who had migrated northward. These race films, especially those produced by white studios, attempted to impart middle-class urban values, especially education and industriousness. Common themes in race films included the "improvement" of the black race, the supposed tension between educated and uneducated blacks, and the tragic consequences in store for blacks who resisted white-man values. All in all, they attempt to say that the black race is inferior to the white race and therefore has to improve.
The author wants to convey the message that media is wrong for depicting that blacks are always to be subjects of laughter and scorn, or that they are permanently to be inferior in the pecking order of importance. These race films do not do good to society, except re-enforce stereotyping beliefs and make the black-white demarcations all the more stronger.
In the United States, race and color discrimination is supposedly unlawful as defined by The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (USEEOC). The commission says that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals against employment discrimination on the basis of race and color as well as national origin, sex, or religion. In practice, however, race and color discrimination still exists in many forms in the United States just like in the limited ways people of color have been portrayed and depicted in American media.
Segregation and classification of employees is also prohibited. And yet, in media as in other industries in society, inferior positions as in the ugly, the ...Show more


Bamboozled is a movie that tackles race and racism issue in the media industry. It is a mockery of stereotyping based on color of skin and race. Pierre Delacroix, the only black employee in a struggling TV network, wants to convince his boss Dunwitty, a white man married to a black woman, to end his contract so he could work for another network…
Author : itorphy
Bamboozled and Jungle Fever essay example
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