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Health Psychology and the Media - Essay Example

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Short term preventive interventions by heath care providers that target hazardous

levels of alcohol consumption are shown to be effective in reducing alcohol consumption

for up to 2 years in heavy drinkers.

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Health Psychology and the Media

The target audience in the documentary was adolescents who as per the

writers are the group of people who drinks heavily. The legal minimum drinking age is

stated as 21, however, there still exits a problem on the sale, procession, and consumption

of alcohol among adolescents. This particular group of people is more vulnerable and at

risk considering the messages that bombards the media on the use of this substance.

Different figures were shown reflecting the results of the psychosocial treatment methods

carried on various individuals. The author investigated patterns of treatment completion

and outcome among a set of heavy drinking adolescents. Participants received a

cognitive-behavioral treatment that included education, relaxation, CR, and imaginal and

in vivo exposure. Fourteen percent of the sample (N = 8) did not complete treatment;

when completers were compared to dropouts on baseline characteristics, very few

differences emerged.
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