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Characteristics Of Change - Essay Example

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Characteristics Of Change

Children are affected by various needs and wants in the classroom, and it is the teacher's job to make sure that basic needs are met, so that learning can occur. There are many factors that affect the concentration of the students. Usually student's concentration is diverted by the surrounding factors. A healthy environment should be provided to the students. Students might be of any age group, from kindergarten to post graduate students.
. Due to the above-mentioned reasons teachers should be responsible towards the students. The best way to teach is to give students a way in which they grasp easily. Here comes the usage of technology where graphical user interface systems can be used to make students understand the subjects easily. They should employ different teaching methods so that students could easily grasp the subject. Student oriented and student concentric activities should be encouraged.
Need for change is something that teachers must strive to understand and utilize. There is always possibility for change, but it is necessary to determine whether the change is merely wanted, or is actually needed. If a school is not wheelchair accessible, than clearly making it accessible is a need, and a want. However, an example of a want would be a wider range of coloured paper for printing. It would be nice to have more colours, but it is not necessary for the school to continue functioning. That would be an example of a want, which is not necessarily a need.
Clarity in change is important for teachers to recognize. All goals for change that teachers have must first be clearly stated before they can be successfully put into place. Clarity as a dynamic of change is two-fold. It is both relative to the problem and relative to the solution. The problem must first be clarified. For example, the teacher does not have enough paper to print out all the worksheets that she wishes to use. To solve the problem, the teacher must determine what the true problem is. Is it that there is not enough paper, or is it that there are too many worksheets One the problem has been clarified, it is far easier to solve, since everyone involved now understands what the solution should be. Now, the teacher can go to the principal and say, either, I have noticed we are using too many worksheets. As a staff, we should brainstorm ways to limit worksheet use, OR we are low on printer paper, we need to order more. Bringing clarity to the problem brings clarity to the solution for everyone involved.
Complexity is another vital problem in determining change. A problem might meet eh first two criteria for change, both need and clarity, but the complexity of the problem must also be taken into account. Using the earlier example, yes the school needs to be made accessible, but how will that be done, will all doors/stairs be changed, what will be changed, and how many students will it affect It is a very complex problem, and while it is needed, and is also clear what needs to be done, it is more complex than simply taking a sledgehammer to a doorframe. The school will need to decide how to make the change, when to make the change, and how it will affect the students. Teachers must also take into account the complexity of the problem and solution, to determine if it is actually practical to make ...Show more


Michael Fullan "identified nine critical factors in the implementation process, which he organized into three main categories: 1) Characteristics of Change, 2) local characteristics and 3) external factors" (Fullan, 2001). His characteristics of change, which is what this paper focuses on, are subdivided into four categories: need, clarity, complexity, and quality/practicality…
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Characteristics Of Change Essay essay example
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