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Essay example - Capital Structure and Leverage Practices

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Family Dollar Stores, Inc. (Family Dollar) operates a chain of general merchandise retail discount stores across the United States. The company offers general merchandise in four categories such as consumables, home products, apparel and accessories, and seasonal and electronics" (Bharat Book Bureau).

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The family dollar company is basically a chain of stores that offer different assorted products such as clothing, food, and other supplies that a common family needs. This fact about the company's standing as a proper resource of practical items that is needed by the common family gives it a bit of an edge in making specific name in the market.
Refinements and Growth. Refinements have been made through the years but its marketing edge remains to be meeting the needs of its customers for good quality but low cost merchandise (Family Dollar). The company basically thrived within a basic improved growth during the 1980's but gradually the growth slowed down during the 1900's when particular retail store brands already entered the arena of modern business industries such as that of Wal-Mart.
"Over the years, Family Dollar has matured into a highly sophisticated retailer while staying true to its roots. An efficient distribution system, astute management and adoption of new technology and systems have enabled Family Dollar to keep up its industry-leading metrics in new store sales productivity, return on invested capital and comparable-store sales" (
Today, although the Family Dollar company remains to be within the competition, it is surely in need of improving its ways to keep up with what other competitor organizations put up for the establishment of a better stan ...
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