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Case Study example - Bank of China

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Case Study
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Bank of China, Hong Kong (BOCHK) was established after the combination of ten of the twelve banks from the Bank of China group and is the leading listed commercial banking group in Hong Kong in terms of assets and customer deposits. The bank registered a profit of RMB2.286 billion for the year 2008 which is comparatively low to the previous because of the global credit crisis…

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( The organization recruits talent from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds by hiring new graduates. The bank strives hard to increase the proportion local employees at BOCHK and it is reported that 98.21% of the employees working were local citizens, the trend which is increasing year after year significantly. The organization promotes equal employment opportunity giving importance to health, encouraging the workforce through effective incentives, career development and training, and advocates corporate culture of honesty and integrity, performance, accountability, creativity and harmoniousness. With such good track record of increasing trends in financial reports, BOCHK is leader in the market which is revealed by the banks future strategy for balanced business and regional development strategy through optimizing its business, customer and revenue structures by taking advantage of market adjustments. ...
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