Labor and Employee Relations

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Everyone wants to increase their utility and their income concurrently. This is the reason why conflicts occur since everyone has a different opinion. The managers want to maximize the efficiency of the workforce. The employees want to work less and get higher wages.


The management would want to cut down on the perks of the employees. However the solution lies in proper agreement and then negotiating that is beneficial for both the parties involved.
The International Labor Organization defines a company union as "A union limited to a single company which dominates or strongly influences it, thereby limiting its influence" [2]. The unions generally have a leader who negotiates with the company. As the supervisor of the manufacturing plant, I have the responsibility of coming to terms with the union. The first step would be to communicate to the union leader that the contract needs renewal and a formal meeting would be scheduled. In this meeting, I would present my points from the managerial point of view and the union leader would bring up the demands and worries of the employees. This initial phase gives the general idea about the extent to which the employees feel about the deal. The previous contract would be amended and points and issues would be added. Thereon several meetings will be held between me and the union leader to negotiate even further and to decide which party can compromise of which issue. A finalized version of the contract will be rotated amidst the employees who will sign it to bind them to the contract for a certain period as agreed.
It is true that the emp ...
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