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Essay example - German Defeat in the First World War

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The first world war- a rather unnecessary conflict that was fueled by among other reasons, distrust across national boarders, militarism, autocracy, barriers to trade and arms race-was sparked by the Austro-Hungary versus Serbia crisis which culminated in Austro- Hungary starting war against Serbia…

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1999). Things however turned out differently and this was the very first factor that led to Germany's eventual defeat. This article identifies and discusses this and other key factors that led to Germanys defeat in the First World War as well the reasons and impact of the United States entry into the war.
Even though the defeat at Marne came very early into the war, its importance as a factor that led to Germanys defeat cannot be undermined. This is because it meant the failure of the Schlieffen's plan and a smash to any hopes of a quick victory and therefore a short war. The German force was not prepared for a lengthy war and by eliminating the possibility of a short war the chances of winning began to decrease. This was general and Helmuth Vou Mottke' biggest mistakes.
Initial strategy of the Germans was to take France before Russia could mobilize effectively and then move by railroad and use united and excessive force on Russia. This would have allowed the Germany forces to take their enemies one by one. The Schlieffen plan had not anticipated later developments such as the three-day resistance by Belgium. The fast move by British authority to enter into war and the fierce resistance by the French army. All these factors slowed Germany's progress significantly and the effects of a lengthy war eventually wore them down.
The war put a lot of strain on the Germany economy that heavily relied on external trade. ...
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