Virginia State and Local Government

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Virginia is one city that is plagued with the problem of transportation. The General Assembly, which is the state's elected body, has been tyring to frame laws and making policies to ease this issue and to provide a well-developed solution to the citizens of the state.


One such attempt made by the General assembly, has been the constitution of the Northern Virginia Transport Authority.
The Northern Virginia Transport Authority, is a body constituted by a bill passed by t he General assembly of Virginia. This body is not an elected one and therefore, is not considered the representation of the people. The constitution makes it illegal for non-elected bodies to collect taxes and other fees, to raise funds for the public sector.
The General assembly passed a bill stating the delegation of the functions of imposing and collecting taxes, to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. In other words, an unelected body would be in-charge of imposing a series of taxes and fees in the Northern Virginia localities, to raise funds for the construction of transportation infrastructure.
The Supreme Court, in February 2008, nullified this bill passed by the General assembly in 2007. This was because, the bill did not adhere to the provisions of the constitution that forbids the imposition of such taxes by non-elected bodies.
By virtue fo the power of judicial review, the Judiciary exercised its power to curtail the implementation of an illegal bill, by the Legislature of Vir ...
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