Media and US Politics

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Like most countries in the world, the United States of America and its people use and encounter different types of media everyday, their choices ranging from television, radio, film, print and online. Most media outfits, especially in the United States, the control rests on the hands of private corporations or companies which are concentrated on gaining profit through sales and advertisements.


Just like all around the world, the readership of the print medium has been steadily declining due to the rise of the online medium. And although there are many famous broadsheets, most of these have adapted a political stance, almost making them a means of propaganda.
National news wires like Reuters and the Associated Press, on the other hand, have been known (all over the world) for their wide coverage in the U.S. and around the world. This is the same for the news magazines like Newsweek and TIME.
Since the media can be seen, heard, felt and known throughout many parts of a country, one can realize how much impact it has on the people. Almost everything that an average American knows comes from a major newspaper, television network or radio station and whatever is translated into such media outfits come from the reporter or journalist's point of view.
This point of view proves vital in the instances that the journalist "chooses" what qualifies as news by choosing what to write about. "Framing" also affects what the audience understands the issue at hand. Some things may not even exist for some people just because they are not aware of it.
In the U.S. specifically, many media outfits have adapted a political stance, contrary to the assumption that media should be objective. ...
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