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Identifying Your Intent unit 3 IP

The guests will be most interested in knowing what I have planned to do with the money I need as loan, they will be interested in the new strategy I have set to offer to obtain many scholars, the course am offering, the number of staff I will be needing and also the where am planning to locate the offices.
I therefore would like to present to them the best ever with clear ideas, logical sequences of the ideas and to make them concentrate with what I have to say. I am planning on presenting to them a good presentation that will persuade them and also convince them of my capability.
I also want you to assist me in choosing what to wear on that day, how I should talk, and what to do if a question is raised and am not in a position to answer, I therefore desperately need you to address these issues and communicate as soon as possible.
After the presentation I expect the audience to congratulate me for the great plan I have for the next generations to come and offer me the loan without hesitating, I therefore look forward for your assistance in preparation of this presentation, I will appreciate your assistance that will play a major role in determining the outcome of my request for the loan, I look forward to hear from you soon. ...
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I would like you to assist me in preparation for a meeting with the chief executive officer, the regional manager and other dignitaries from the distance learning Loan Company; I will have to present my case before they decide on loaning me 1.5 million dollars for a distance learning company I would like to start…
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