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Effects of divorce on children

More lately, research on divorce has approached the issue of the absent father from a diverse perspective, stressing the reorganization process that is an expected result of the family's structural change. In this framework, the departure of the father is seen as just one of a number of events to which the child should adjust.
Throughout the separation and divorce process and ongoing for at least a year after divorce, single mothers are often worried with their own depression, anger, or emotional needs and are incapable to respond perceptively to their children. Such dysfunctions in maternal regulation result in a lowered tolerance of the child's behavior, which openly impacts maternal perceptions of her child's adjustment.
Ross (1972) argued that parental discernments are a product of both the child's behavior and the parent's acceptance level. It appears credible that depression influences individual differences between parents in their acceptance for a variety of child behaviors. Clinical symptoms that co-vary with depression, such as distractibility and restlessness, may increase the possibility that single mothers will selectively attend to moderately low frequency inapt behavior, forming impressions of her children's alteration that are not acceptable by objective counts of behavior. ...
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The effect of divorce on children is most often accredited to the fact that there is a change in structure from a two-parent to a one-parent family. Going away of one parent is certainly a salient aspect of divorce and is an apparent starting point for the search for effects of divorce on children…
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