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Through this poem, Marge Piercy has called upon the people to be more diligent and determined in doing the work they take up. Comparing a determined person with an expert swimmer who heads straight towards the deep waters and crosses the channel, the poet says, workmanship is identified by the nature of a person who is dutifully concerned with his work without being unduly bothered about being noticed or the rewards involved…

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Praise has been showered for the courage and patience of those who are determined to carry forward the task, work with fortitude and eyes on their final objective.
There are people who render their services for the mankind, without caring for the inclement weather, adverse circumstances like the farmers do, to produce the grains for all of us. There are those having patience of waiting for their turn, to comply with the law at the cost of their own discomfort, but working relentlessly for achieving the aims and objectives that they have set for themselves. These people, working in close coordination with others in a team spirit, take pride in helping others. They are always there when the fellow human beings need them or whenever the society asks for them.
Marge Piercy has compared the consistent worker with a craftsman who diligently shapes the seemingly useless water soaked soil into beautifully pottery. These pots in many attractive shapes adorn our drawing halls, make way in museums, add colour to the grace of our homes and has the ability to hold a number of other costly items. An able and diligent worker also feels happy and contented in the fact that others around feel happy when they see the outcome of their work. ...
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