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The hallmark of the Cuban mindset is that it is far from being anything that is stereotypical and regimented. Talking about Cuba is like referring to a multifaceted and multicolored entity, which though seemingly being isolated and cornered from an American perspective, is very much alive and kicking and has a unique verve and enthusiasm of its own.


It is next to impossible for a single mind and soul to attempt at presenting a realistic portrayal of the Cuban psyche. Hence, 'Travelers' Tales Cuba' edited by Tom Miller is just the right and apt source that offers an insight into the Cuban mind, sifted by a whole range of writers, which though may be naive or shrewd, clumsy or sophisticated, but nonetheless, immensely interested in the Cuban life and experiences.
Tom Miller is a name that will definitely sound familiar to the readers who closely followed the underground press of the 60s. Miller has made much contribution to a wide range of reputed and credible American publications like LIFE, Natural History and the New York Times. He is not only the single most important contributor to the Encyclopedia Latina, but has also charmed the American viewers on popular platforms like CNN, NBC, CSPAN and HBO. As already said, the Cuban culture and mindset is too intricate to be grasped and digested by a single person. So, in 'The Travelers' Tales', Miller presents the Cuban psychological and cultural landscape through the eyes of an immense range of curious individuals, their collective consciousness trying to come to terms with a country and culture that is so complex, ironical and confusing that if often tends to defy understanding and logic in a strictly American perspective.
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