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Current Events in Macroeconomics

They are especially critical of many levels of government intervention, including the proposed guest worker program. The two concur in many areas, including the fact that despite the illegality of this immigration, it benefits the economic status we enjoy by having the illegal immigrants take positions which are those others would not take in service industries like housekeeping and landscaping and other such jobs. The two also state that there are many pluses, including the fact that taxes are often paid by these illegal immigrants. The negatives, unfortunately, are also easily seen, including the use of public education, fire and police protection, and all forms of government assistance including Medicaid, Food Stamps and other such assistance. The overall concept for this article is encompassing human factors, how humanity affects the economy. In this particular case, how the migration and immigration of people affects a particular economy in both good and bad ways. This is subject to a great deal of debate as to whether or not such immigration would be of benefit and whether the attempts to change the idea would be of any economic merit.
In the Economy section David Wessel writes in A Tricky Move for the Fed, Wall Street Journal June 24, 2006 issue, that the decision to change the int ...
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There would be many resources for macroeconomic news in the world. The Wall Street Journal has always been revered as one of those which would be quite the authority on economic news. Macroeconomics encompasses many pieces of economic life and would be discussed in great detail over many different subjects…
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